Cloud Colours

Discover the Black Eyewear Clouds.
A collection of frames thoughtfully crafted from premium acetate in a range of colourful re-interpretations of the Classic Tortoiseshell

From the vibrant green of Forest Cloud to the warm gold of Amber Cloud, there's a tone for everyone.

Clouds Collection

Forest Cloud

Moments of warm earthy tones complement the most vibrant green.
A bestseller from day one.

Clouds Collection

Purple Cloud

Purples and fuchsias bloom with sparks of amber and brown.
Lively and charismatic.

Clouds Collection

Yellow Cloud

Cheerful citrine yellow combined with contrasting greyscale swirls.
In one word: unexpected.

Clouds Collection

Grey Cloud

A smoky, subtle tortoiseshell.
Pairs well with a book and a warm cuppa in the cooler months.

Clouds Collection

Amber Cloud

A warm honey gold to liven up the face.
Subtle yet unique.

Clouds Collection


A highly saturated cobalt blue enhanced by blazes of oranges and browns.
Pure Joy.

Clouds Collection

Red Cloud

An unapologetic flash of crimson tortoiseshell.
Are you ready to make a statement?