A Modern Take on Tortoiseshells

The new. The classic. The daring. A walk through the variety of colours and textures available within the tortoiseshell family. 

Browse our selection below and rediscover bestsellers like Light Tortoiseshell, Dark Tortoiseshell, and Amber Havana, or be surprised by the subtle modernity of newest tones like Cream Mottle and Dusty Gold

Something New

Red Havana

Red tones infuse boldness into the otherwise classic pattern of this unique acetate. The ideal choice for those looking to gracefully introduce colour into their look.

The Classics


An optimistic, modern colour, perfect for bringing brightness to the face. Thoughtfully crafted from the finest acetate to create a look that will stand the test of time.

The Classics

Dark Tortoiseshell

Not quite black, not quite tortoiseshell. Dark Tortoiseshell was designed for the undecided among us.

The Classics

Amber Havana

An unmatched crowd-pleaser rumoured to be Robert’s favorite within the tortoiseshell range.
No wonder this iconic tone is an all-time bestseller.

Something New


The latest shade to join our tortoiseshell range.
A subtle, warm colour with hints of slate, appropriately named after the foliage season.

Something New

Matt Marmalade

The matt finish brings a touch of modernity to this warm, delicately flecked acetate. Sophisticated yet playful.

The Classics

Light Tortoiseshell

The quintessential acetate on the range needs no introduction. Time-honored and universally flattering, a sensible option that will never fall out of style.

Something New

Cream Mottle

Spaced clusters of sharp extra-dark flecks create a strong contrast with the cream base. One of the most adventurous takes on tortoiseshell in our collection.