Our best selling Frames for Larger Faces

Sunglasses for larger faces



Black Eyewear designs capture the spirit of the 1950s. This reverence for the past comes with a unique challenge: today’s faces are distinctively bigger than 70 years ago. 



Miles in Dark Tortoiseshell

Sweets in Green Transparent

Cannonball in Two Tone Grey

Courtney in Matt Black


For economic reasons, the manufacture of eyewear has focused on small and medium-sized frames and sunglasses. This has left a gap in the availability of larger sizes for an ever-growing number of people who suit larger frames.

We’ve ensured our designs have grown with our client’s needs, maintaining 1950s styling for changing face sizes. 

Explore some of our bestselling larger frames for men, available both as optical frames and sunglasses 

Buster II in Blond

BUSTER II A solid, square shape with a thicker upper rim. This UK classic was the flagship model of the 1950s with a slightly narrower bridge fit, enabling the frame to sit higher on the face. A substantial ‘Library’ frame that combines comfort and style.


Gerry in Clear Crystal

Our unisex GERRY design is based on a 1950s men’s classic, reimagined for today with lines that brings angles to the wearer, adding character to the face. This frame’s generous bridge fitting is suitable for wider faces that are looking for an iconic Buddy Holly style. 


Bailey in Light Tortoiseshell

BAILEY. A bold, extra large glasses frame with a wide bridge fitting and long side arms that is particularly comfortable for broad, deep faces. This classic 1950s quadra shape fits a range of face shapes. Suitable for wearers seeking a solid, sturdy look, combined with the comfort of a saddle bridge.

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