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We’ve drawn inspiration from some of our best-selling frames in the collection, and crafted modern shapes informed by Roope’s scrupulous attention to the fit. Crafted from high-quality acetate, our frames stand for maximum comfort and timeless design.

Our designs celebrate individuality and innate personal style – each model is available in a range of colours and popular textures, including Light Tortoiseshell, Amber Havana, Black, and Blond.

All our frames are unisex and come as sunglasses and glasses.

“Style in eyewear embraces the fundamental structure of the face and offers an opportunity for the wearer to express the true character of yourself; it can be elusive, but we recognise it when we find it”  – Robert Roope

To find out more about each new frame, and what faces each design suits, read on!



To celebrate the launch of Black Eyewear new designs we’ll be offering all our online customers INTERNATIONAL FREE SHIPPING for the launch month starting from October 24th!


Measurements: 50×25/150

Colours: Light TortoiseshellClear CrystalAmber Havana, Amber MottleBlackBlondRed HavanaCreamLight HavanaRedRuby.

Fit Notes: For medium to large faces, Hazel is a large, bold design with a high curving upper rim that can help soften an angular face. The highly polished saddle bridge ensures maximum comfort for this large design.

Hazel features a flattering cat-eye brow-line and panto lenses. It takes our best selling Alice’s upswept curves and combines them with Blossom’s oversized boldness in a new, striking design. 


Lee Jay Hoy wearing Black Eyewear Mimi Sunglasses
Lee Jay Hoy wears MIMI Sunglasses in Black

Measurements: 53×17/150

Colours: Light TortoiseshellClear CrystalAmber HavanaBlackBrown PinkPastel MintPastel RosePetrolSandRed.

Fit Notes: Suitable for medium to large faces. The narrow regular bridge fitting can lengthen the face, whilst the design can add angular lines to rounder faces.

Mimi is a standout sculptural frame crafted from top quality acetate. Consider this frame as a slimmer brother (or sister) to our bestseller Jimmy. This design brings a sense of lightness and wearability to the original frame, making it suitable both for glasses and sunglasses.


Tommy Brady in Black Eyewear Brookmeyer glasses
Tommy Brady wears BROOKMEYER Glasses in Two Tone Grey

Measurements: 52×22/150

Colours: Light TortoiseshellClear CrystalWood OliveRed HavanaBlackAmber HavanaBlondMatt BlackTwo tone Grey.

Fit Notes: Suitable for medium sized faces and for those seeking a simple 50s design. The wide bridge ensures a very snug fit and allows the upper rim to sit lower on the face. Available as Glasses and Sunglasses.

Featuring a sculptured wide comfort bridge and a gentle up-curving brow-line, Brookmeyer’s sturdy lines make it the ideal choice for the wearer looking for a solid frame with a mid-century feel. It is inspired by our model JayJay, with a wider fitting range.


Measurements: 52×19/150

Colours: Zebra TortoiseBlackClear CrystalGreen TransparentGrey TransparentTwo Tone TurquoiseSapphireRubyRed TransparentMatt Black.

Fit Notes: Lux suits small to medium face sizes and will add angles to rounder faces. The shallow bridge fit is best suited for smaller nose bridges. Available as Glasses and Sunglasses.

A unique medium-sized angular design with a straight upper rim that challenges the universally popular round, square and panto shapes. The upper rim widens the face at the brow line adding an overall angular and bolder appearance.

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