Black Eyewear’s Guide to Emergency DIY Spectacle Repairs From Home

Black Eyewear’s Guide to Emergency DIY Spectacle Repairs From Home

For those of you who are good at DIY, we’ve put together some tips for you to try temporary fixes for damaged or uncomfortable glasses which should help you manage until you get proper help at your local optician. As always, proceed with care! These tips are intended to tide you over until you get back to your optician.

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What tools do I need for DIY repairs?
Safety pin
Paper clips
Wooden toothpick
Small elastic bands.
Wire hanger


My  frames are loose and slipping down my nose!
A: Fit small rubber bands around the side joint; or use a strong rubber band fitted to the end pieces of your frame and use like a head band to hold them secure round the back of your head.

The sidearm has come off because the side screw has come out.
A: Use a paper clip or wooden toothpick to slot through the hole to replace the screw .

One of my side arms has broken!
A: Remove the broken side. Use a paper clip or safety pin  to slot through the joint hole where the screw has been. Now cut a piece of wire the same length of the broken side from a wire hanger and bend it into the shape of the broken side. The front end of this wire can now be attached to the paper clip with tape or by twisting the paper clip around the wire.

My frame has snapped at the bridge.
A: Superglue the two bridge pieces together and leave overnight. Alternatively use Duct tape wrapped tightly around the join; a sticking plaster can also be used here if tape is not available.

I cannot get my lenses clean using the standard cleaners.
A: Try using a tiny dab of meths which can be very effective. Also wash with soapy water.

One of my lenses has fallen out! A: For metal frames lenses can be put back and the screw tightened. However, if this screw has fallen out, use a paper clip or wooden tooth pick through the screw hole and twist it to make it tight;
plastic frames need to be warmed up for a few minutes using hot water (not boiling) or a hair drier (with great care). This heat should make it easier to press the lens back into the rim bevel. Very important to make sure the lens is orientated to exactly the same place it had been set.

My frames are fitting crookedly on my face.
A: This can effect the vision so firstly, find the best place where the frames sit on your face to give you the best vision. Note this place and try a little bending and manipulation to arrange for you to maintain this position when wearing them.

The nose pads are missing/broken or uncomfortable to wear, leaving marks on the side of my nose. How can I make them comfortable?
A: Cut duct tape into narrow strips and wrap around the pad or pad arm to form a cushion. Alternatively use a little ball of blutak pressed on to the pad.

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