Black Eyewear Man | Alex Hitchcock

Black Eyewear Man | Alex Hitchcock
We had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Saxophonist Alex Hitchcock in London to chat all things jazz and style.  
Saxophonist Alex Hitchcock is an immediately distinctive improviser and a leading voice on his instrument in the UK. An Ivor Novello-nominated composer, his innovative collaborations have confirmed his growing international reputation as an instigator and catalyst for captivating musical encounters that 'continually push the envelope a little further' (Jazzmania BE).

Alex wears Adler in Yellow Cloud. Portrait by Chaz Langley


Alex wears Mezz in Ruby and Zoot in Matt Mauve. Portraits by Chaz Langley

​As a prolific and multi-award winning bandleader, his writing is inspired by the uniquely creative and diverse voices of the musicians he works with - always with human connection and communication as their guiding principle. His compositions, primarily influenced by black American music, unite a powerful instrumental command with an originality and clarity of musical vision that has been described as ‘exquisitely subtle’ (All About Jazz) and ‘startlingly vivid and mature’ (Marlbank).

Alex wears Toots in Petrol. Portrait by Chaz Langley 

‘Dream Band’ is his series recording his favourite musicians in new combinations, playing music written especially for them. The resulting albums are full of surprises, terrain shifts, harmonic nuance and emotional depth, underpinned by a freshness of approach and fearless interplay. The first volume (2021), recorded over three days in a London studio with three different groups, spotlights amongst others Cherise Adams-Burnett, Midori Jaeger, Chris Cheek, Jason Brown and Deschanel Gordon. The second (2022), captured over three sold-out nights at the iconic Vortex jazz club, features Kit Downes, Mark Kavuma, Liselotte Östblom, Rob Luft and Orlando le Fleming.



Alex wears Mezz in Amber Havana and Zoot in Matt Mauve. Portraits by Chaz Langley


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