The Perfect Fit: Hockey VS Spatula Temple Tips

The Perfect Fit: Hockey VS Spatula Temple Tips
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Hockey Temple Tip in Mitzy and Pops, Spatula Temple Tip in Coltrane


Unglamorously hidden behind the ears, the temple tips are one of the key elements that will determine whether a particular frame is right for you.

They are responsible, together with the bridge design, for holding your new frame comfortably and securely on your face.

If you are looking for a  new pair of spectacles, especially for long usage, our Q&A with Black Eyewear’s founder and designer Robert Roope will help you choose the best temple tip design for your requirements.

Why is so important to pay close attention to the temple fit when choosing a frame?

The purpose of temple arms on a frame is to hold it securely in place by comfortably hooking it around the back of the ears.
The temple tip is the element that creates this hold and this is why it’s important to get it to fit right.

What’s a Hockey Temple Tip Exactly?

When the temple looks like a miniature hockey stick we refer to it as a Hockey Temple Tip.

This design isn’t always suitable for the wearer. Someone wearing hearing aids or hair accessories fitted just behind the ear might find it uncomfortable. Others might prefer the glasses not rest on the back of the ear.

How can a Spatula Temple Tip affect the hold of the frame on the wearer’s ears?

The purpose of the Spatula Temple Tip is to hold spectacles in place by asserting a gentle pressure on the side of the head. The inner side of the Spatula Temple Tip is often serrated in order to avoid slipping.

This design isn’t normally suitable for narrow faces or a bridge fitting that allows easy slippage down the sides of the nose.

What’s the difference between a Spatula Temple Tip and a Hockey Temple Tip in terms of comfort?

The Spatula Temple Tips sit against the side of the head, however, they tend to become loose more easily than other designs, therefore will need regular adjustments to maintain the side pressure necessary to hold the frame securely in place.

Hockey Temple Tips hold the frame more securely around the back of the ears and are usually the preferred option for Spectacle wearers. Once fitted well they need very little further adjustment. 

Hockey Temple Tip in Mitzy

3 Black Eyewear frames with Spatula Temple Tips?

Coltrane and Pops.  

3 Black Eyewear frames with Hockey Temple Tips?

MitziZoot and Hoagy.

The choice is yours. A well-fitting frame, featuring the correct temple length and tips should hold your glasses securely in place without discomfort and become part of you. Take your time to find it.

If your Black Eyewear frame causes discomfort or slips down your nose, visit us in one of our stores for a complimentary adjustment appointment.

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