The Perfect Fit: Large Frames

left Babs wears Cannonball in Crystal – right Kirk in Green Transparent


In his career, our founder and designer Robert Roope noticed a gap in the market for glasses specifically designed for the ever-growing number of people who suit larger frames.

Normally, people with larger faces were offered a widened version of the same glasses developed for much smaller features. This would often create its own set of comfort problems and rarely resulting in an harmonious look.

At Black Eyewear we’ve always ensured our designs have grown with our client’s needs, this is why created a collection of glasses and sunglasses designed to beautifully embrace the character of the larger face.

“A well-fitting large frame looks like it has found the home on the face. It belongs there. It looks comfortable. It is not sitting there as an exhibit that does not embrace the character of the wearer.” – Robert Roope

Explore some of our bestselling larger frames for men, available both as optical frames and sunglasses HERE.

left Clifford Sunglasses – right Kirk Sunglasses

In our post about frame measurements, we explain how this can be the first indicator to better understand if a pair of glasses is right for you. What’s a good measurement to look for if I have a wider face?

For the lens diameter, we are looking at something between 54 and 56 mm.
For the bridge width 20 – 24 mm, unless you have a large face and a very narrow bridge.
The standard temple length is 145 mm and should work, but you can look for 150 mm too.

I have a larger face but I don’t want an overwhelming frame, any suggestion?

A large frame can be naturally overwhelming, they dominate the face and might distract from the wearer’s unique facial features.
A solution to this common problem could be to choose a light color. Crystal and light mottled – like colors Blond and light Havana – will soften the appearance of the frame.

What can I watch out when buying glasses to ensure a comfortable fit?

Because the structure is large it is heavier and consequently needs to be fitting comfortably. A wide comfort bridge will evenly spread the weight of the frame and make it more comfortable.

What are the main fit elements I need to pay attention?

Ensure that the frame becomes part of the overall architecture of the face and that it expresses the character of the wearer in a positive way.
Make sure that the large lenses do not create the optical illusion of making your eyes look close together. This imbalance of your face structure can look odd.

Talk 3 Black Eyewear frames designed to complement larger faces and why?

CLIFFORD is a large square frame with a wide comfort bridge. Clifford is available in an interesting range of tri-colour crystals that can help the wearer who doesn’t want a large design overwhelming the facial features.

MILES is a quadra frame with a center joint fitting suitable for those with a longer face shape.
The angular elements of this design add character and strength to larger faces.

GERRY is an angular shape featuring a unique upward curve on the brow line that gives a chiseled look to the wearer. 
The contrasting aspects of this design create a very dynamic look that offers an excellent alternative to regular round and square shapes.