The Round-Up: Our Bestselling Frames

The Round-Up: Our Bestselling Frames

Mezz in light tortoiseshell (left) and Monk in matt amber havana (right)

The enduring legacy of round frames began during the roaring 20s, where they were pushed to the forefront of style by the increasing affordability and accessibility of eyewear.

Worn by luminaries of the day, the shape finds itself living on in the creative circles of today. Round has always been imbued with elegance and intelligence, and it’s remained thoughtful and interesting, with unisex appeal over the decades.

However, round styles that truly suit are not always that easy to find. We asked Black Eyewear designer and founder Robert Roope a few questions to help you decide on the round frame for you.

When looking for a pair of round frames, what should I look for?

The first question you should ask yourself is, are you drawn to the classically round shape (think our MONK, or CHICO frames), commonly seen on such 20th-century giants as David Hockney, Le Corbusier or Iris Apfel? Or do you prefer a ’roundish’ frame (think WOODY or BENNY, otherwise known as the PRO shape), and not so stylistically self-aware?

Wes sunglasses in light tortoiseshell

Look for a model whose upper rim does not fit above the browline. Then find a comfortable fit on the bridge and look for a side length that fits comfortably over the ears. Finally, look for a frame size that is in proportion to the size of your face.

You’ve got other decisions to think about too:

Do you want a thin rim or thick rim? Think MEZZ‘ lightweight frame vis a vis MONK’s weightier acetate, for example.

You can even experiment with a centre joint (CHICO) or a high joint (TOOTS).


I have a large face shape, what will suit me?

MONK … if you like a large heavy rimmed frame.

ART … if you like a large frame with a more discreet silhouette.

ZOOT … for those that find comfort in a wide bridge and wide sides.


Monk left, and candy coloured Zoot (right)

Zoot in matt pink

What are 3 Black Eyewear round frames that suit small faces?

Without a doubt, look to MUGGSYPOPS and TOOTS.


Round’s not for me, is there a compromise?

Try the PRO shapes… WoodyDorsey, and Buddy or select frames that have some curves in them, not square or round but containing an important roundish or curved look…  models like BrookmeyerBlossomFranco, and Rex.

Woody (left) and Brookmeyer (right).

Explore our selection of favourite Black Eyewear round styles here.

Remember, all frames can be bought online, tried on at home and returned if they don’t suit. A sure-fire way to find your perfect frame if you live a distance from our shops. Please see our returns policy here.

Do you have any other pressing eyewear questions? Send us an email with ‘eyewear question’ in the subject line and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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