Black Eyewear: The Regent's Canal Eyewear Edit

Black Eyewear: The Regent's Canal Eyewear Edit

London is a city of secrets, with hidden gems scattered throughout its urban landscape. One such treasure is Regent's Canal, a waterway that winds through the heart of the city, weaving a rich tapestry of history, culture, and modern charm. Join Jack and Rohan, as lensed by Robin Hunter Blake on film, to stroll along its tranquil paths wearing some of our new and classic designs.


Jack (left) wears Bird and Rohan wears Monk in Cream Mottle. 

Regent's Canal, completed in 1820, was originally designed as a crucial part of London's industrial infrastructure. It connected the Grand Junction Canal's Paddington Arm to the River Thames at Limehouse, facilitating the transport of goods across the city. Over the years, the canal has witnessed the ebb and flow of London's industrial age, surviving periods of decline and revitalisation. Today, it stands as a cherished part of London's heritage, offering a picturesque route for walkers, cyclists, and boaters.


The canal's journey through sociocultural history is as diverse as the city itself. It has been a lifeline for industries, a haven for artists and musicians, and a beloved spot for leisure and recreation. The canal's transformation from an industrial artery to a vibrant cultural corridor reflects London's ability to adapt and reinvent itself while preserving its historical essence.


Jack (left) wears Conte and Webster in Cream, alongside Rohan who wears Monk

Top 5 Must-See Spots Along Regent's Canal

  1. Little Venice

    • Why Visit: This picturesque area, where Regent's Canal meets the Grand Union Canal, is known for its serene beauty, charming houseboats, and quaint waterside cafes. It's the perfect place to start your canal adventure.
    • Highlight: Enjoy a leisurely boat ride or a cup of coffee while watching the world drift by.
  2. Camden Market

    • Why Visit: A short walk along the canal brings you to the bustling Camden Market, famous for its eclectic mix of stalls, food vendors, and live music.
    • Highlight: Dive into a sensory overload of sights, sounds, and flavours, making sure to explore the market's alternative fashion scene.
  3. Regent's Park and Primrose Hill

    • Why Visit: As you continue eastward, you'll find Regent's Park, one of London's Royal Parks, and the adjacent Primrose Hill, offering stunning panoramic views of the city.
    • Highlight: Take a break and enjoy a picnic in the park or climb Primrose Hill for an Instagram-worthy snapshot.
  4. King's Cross and Granary Square

    • Why Visit: The regenerated King's Cross area is a blend of historical architecture and modern design, featuring Granary Square with its vibrant fountains and cultural spaces.
    • Highlight: Visit Coal Drops Yard, a shopping and dining destination, or simply relax by the canal-side steps.
  5. Victoria Park

    • Why Visit: Further east, the canal leads to Victoria Park, known as the "People's Park," which offers sprawling green spaces, lakes, and a charming café.
    • Highlight: Stroll through the park's scenic landscapes or rent a pedal boat for a fun water adventure.


Rohan (left) wears Monk and Jack wears Bird

Top Spots to Eat and Drink Along Regent's Canal

1. The Towpath Café

  • Location: Whitmore Road

  • Highlights: A charming, waterside café offering simple, seasonal dishes. Known for its relaxed atmosphere and delicious homemade food.

2. The Proud Archivist

  • Location: Hertford Road

  • Highlights: A multifunctional space combining a bar, restaurant, gallery, and event space. Enjoy contemporary dishes with a view of the canal.

3. Granary Square Brasserie

  • Location: King's Cross

  • Highlights: Stylish brasserie offering a diverse menu and elegant interiors. Perfect for brunch or dinner with views of the canal fountains.

4. Rotunda

  • Location: Kings Place

  • Highlights: A modern British restaurant with a riverside terrace. Known for its meat dishes sourced from its own farm.

5. The Narrowboat

  • Location: St Peter's Street

  • Highlights: A traditional pub with a cozy interior and a terrace overlooking the canal. Great for a pint and classic pub fare.

6. Pavilion Café

  • Location: Victoria Park

  • Highlights: Nestled in the heart of Victoria Park, this café offers a variety of delicious, locally sourced dishes and refreshing drinks. Enjoy a meal with stunning views of the park's boating lake.

    Rohan wears Monk

    Robin Hunter Blake is a 24-year-old British-American photographer and director known for his evocative documentary, fashion, and fine art photography. His work balances the raw with the refined, exploring themes of identity, philosophy, and self-reflection. Robin shoots primarily on black-and-white film, developing his photos using traditional techniques in his home studio. A graduate of the University of the Arts London, he has exhibited at prestigious venues like Venice's Palazzo Polignac and the London Art Biennale. Robin's photography has been featured in renowned publications such as The Rake and the Evening Standard.  For more information, visit Robin Hunter Blake Photography.  


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