ARTIE in bespoke Blue and Orange | TOOTS in bespoke Pink | LESTER in bespoke Orange

“ The increasing popularity of Clear Crystal frames over the last couple years has created an interest in lightly tinted materials.

We combine traditional dyeing techniques and new tinting processes to create light shift of colour on both shiny and matt Clear Crystal frames. In our St Albans Lab we can develop bespoke dip-dyed frames in a variety of multi-coloured options to suit our customer’s requirements.

The most popular tints have been very light blue, pink, grey and green. For multi-colour dip-dye we suggest grey/pink and red/blue combinations, they are the more sought-after and add a subtle individuality note to any frame. “
– Robert Roope


DIP-DYE is available as bespoke service for all BLACK EYEWEAR frames in Clear Crystal. Please find below our cost guidelines and colour offering:



All the below shades are available as single tone dye – for a light wash of colour – or as colour combination up to a maximum of 3 shades.

  • PINK
  • BLUE
  • RED
  • GREY


Bespoke handmade two-tone dip-dye  £50

Bespoke handmade single tone dip-dye £35

Note: The final cost might vary depending on the number of colours requested. Please contact us at to get a quote for your bespoke frame.


The dip-dye is entirely handmade, please allow a couple of extra days for processing your bespoke order.

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