Who says one size fits all?

Good fitting glasses shouldn’t simply suit your face shape and style they should also be the right size for your face and prescription needs. Properly fitting glasses should distribute pressure evenly between the nose, head width and ears. They shouldn’t simply suit your face shape and style but also your prescription needs. They can help you express your personality and compliment your features.

Black Eyewear celebrates uniqueness and individual style, we understand that every face is different and that’s why we have designed a collection of frames to suit the wonderful heterogeneity and character of our customers… and their faces — from long and narrow, to broad and round.

Over the years, some of our frames came to occupy a special place in our customer’s hearts and we felt the need to offer them in more than one size to better accommodate their needs. Simply put, there’s an iconic Black Eyewear frame ready to fit you perfectly and waiting to be discovered.


Like Frank Gehry‘s architecture embraces the landscapes in which they are created, there are similar echoes and challenges here; we survey facial ‘landscapes’ to create eyewear that fits and enriches the identity of the place it occupies.” – Robert Roope




One of Black Eyewear’s signature designs, Woody is the embodiment of the Panto frame at its finest. A lightweight, highly wearable style with a classic look that combines refined rounded lenses with carefully balanced rims to create a flattering universal fit suitable for most face shapes.

Woody features the iconic keyhole bridge and it’s available in two sizes. Let’s find out which of our two options is the right fit for you.






The Optician Note: In most cases, the size of your lenses can be a matter of personal preference. However, the combination of your unique features and prescription might be more suitable for a specific size. If you need varifocal lenses, our team at will be happy to guide you in your choice.

Want to learn more about frame measurements? Read our dedicated guide.



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