Fitting frames with DAPHNE SELFE

We’re a firm believer in age not defining beauty and spirit, and that’s never been truer than with 90-year-old Daphne Selfe.

Selfe, born 1928, was signed by top modelling agency, Models 1 at the age of 70.  She has appeared in Vogue and campaigns for Dolce and Gabbana, Nivea and Olay.  She’s currently promoting her first book The Way We Wore.

Daphne grew up in an age when dresses were lovingly run up for you by your mother, when needlework for even the most basic outfit was an art form, and when a new Simplicity Pattern was almost more exciting than a new dance tune. Perhaps as a result, she has had a lifelong love affair with clothes and fashion. The Way We Wore is a heart-warming account of that love affair, taking readers from the organdie party frocks of a 1930s childhood to the pages of Vogue.

As she arrived at Black Eyewear with long-time friend photographer Alistair Guy, it’s was abundantly clear she’s as effervescent as she is elegant and gifted with a bone structure that will make fitting frames a breeze.

Robert Roope, the founder of Black Eyewear, met her in store to fit her for her new frames.

” Fitting Daphne with a frame design that would embrace her great character was a true pleasure. Her playful nature and sense of fun enabled me to explore a wide range of shapes and colours to find the connection we needed.  Among our collection of cat-eyes we found Trixie in Amber Havana, a shape and colour that was new and fresh; the top rim followed her brow line perfectly and a bridge fit that looked snug and comfortable. The combination of her face shape and character was a good place for Trixie.

I know Daphne would agree. ” – Robert Roope