Black Eyewear Woman | Rita Colson

Rita Colson
Rita wears TRIXIE in Amber Havana, shoot by Markn for Black Eyewear

Meet Rita Colson, fashion designer, and one of our faces for the Black Eyewear Spring 2019 campaign.

Rita Colson is a London based fashion designer in the heart of West London, specialising in Bridal Couture and Evening wear.

She is known for using ethically and sustainably sourced materials like vintage lace and silk to create contemporary, bespoke pieces that are as elegant, classic and well-formed as she is.

The bubbly Ghanaian-Brit, or GhaBrit as she calls herself, made a huge impact on us with her wit and sparkle and we were delighted when she agreed to take part in our portrait shoot.

Find out more about the wonderful Rita Colson:

Black Eyewear: Tell us more about yourself, your philosophy and what inspired you to become a designer.

Rita: I believe less is more and I love using my skin as my main accessory when dressing up.

I initially wanted to become a Fine Artist because I loved painting but in my Foundation year at college I came across John Galliano’s MA collection in a book and I knew instantly I wanted to do Fashion. I thought his dresses looked like Art pieces and I was amazed at the craftsmanship and attention to detail. I loved the historical aspect of it and the drama surrounding it.  It was a lot more than what I thought Fashion was or could be. 

” I initially wanted to become a Fine Artist […] but in my Foundation year at college I came across John Galliano’s MA collection in a book and I knew instantly I wanted to do Fashion.”

What does great design mean to you?

Great design is classic, timeless, stylish, effortless with a touch of quirkiness or sometimes a lot of quirkiness. The quirkiness is the ‘personality’ aspect. 

Where do you look for inspiration?

My inspiration comes to me from everywhere but I would say I draw a lot from classic films. I love the creative partnership that Audrey Hepburn had with Hubert de Givenchy.

What are your iconic eyewear moments in fashion history?

I love Audrey Hepburn in ‘How to steal a million’ the scene were she wears the white hat and 60s style shades it’s so stylish and modern. Also André Courrèges’s 1965 ‘Lunettes Eskimo’ were so stylish but yet super quirky borderline crazy.

rita colson
Rita wears ALICE in pastel lilac.

Describe your personal style in 3 words.

My personal style is classic, stylish (innovative) and vintage.

What are you looking for in a frame and what’s your favourite frame in the Black Eyewear collection?

I’m looking for frames that are easily adaptable  to any style and a little quirky. I love the Alice and Lil frames. 

What was your favourite part of the photoshoot? It looks like you guys were having fun!

I loved going round my neighbourhood and showing the guys my favourite spots. Each location came with a funny story which left us laughing uncontrollably.

And finally, you have been living in London for many years now, what are the best places to go unwind?

It depends, I love going to Day Spas on my own at hotels in central London but if it’s to chill I like Soho House because you get privacy and service. Or if I fancy a bit of an artsy afternoon, the Tate Modern 10th floor has amazing views, on a sunny afternoon, Kensington Gardens or Holland Park are lovely places to people watch.