Black Eyewear Gift Guide

Gift guide: Black Eyewear’s best and brightest of the season

Last minute gift? You could choose a Black Eyewear giftcard, or pick from our favourites below. You still have time to receive your frames before Christmas. For UK post, order before the 2oth December.

So without further ado, here’s our edit of Black Eyewear’s customer favourites and top sellers:



COLTRANE in petrol | £177 This is one of the giants of eyewear design. It features the classic keyhole bridge and straight ‘spatula’ sides that create support by side pressure as opposed to the ‘hockey end side’ that hooks round the ears. This model has been popular for over 60 years and counting…



NINA in turquoise | £177 A playful, enjoyable design that warms the heart. For lovers of life everywhere.



ZOOT in lavender | £197 A bold crowd favourite. This iconic medium size solid round frame with a wide side makes it suitable for the wind and sun.



ALICE in matt marmalade | £177 This 1950s inspired cat eye classic was inspired by the polaroid shapes of the period. Perennial favourite of fashionistas everywhere, from Los Angeles to Paris.



TOOTS in clear crystal | £177 Dedicated to the genius of Toots Thielemans. This round shape has a high joint position rather than a joint at the centre. The perfect round frame for any face.



CANNONBALL in amber havana | £197 An extra large solid and bold quadra frame with a wide fitting bridge. This design is for large faces and strong characters familiar to great musicians who create great music.



BIRD in matt black | £187 For the intellectual and/or musician in your family. This Quadra shape with a three pin trim on front and side is a heavy duty ‘library’ frame that was the workhorse model for on/off reading frames of the 1950s. They were a sign that wearers were clever, worked in a library and read lots of books. They were often worn by jazz musicians, probably to keep the smoke out of their eyes.



DEEDEE in red transparent | £177 A curving upper rim cat eye of mid Atlantic origin, usually adorned with diamante décor. This style was seen among the audience at the 1958 classic festival ‘Jazz on a summer’s Day’.



BLOSSOM in pastel lilac | £197 This model has something magical about its shape because it seems to suit most faces; Its like having a favourite mirror where, for some reason, your reflection constantly looks good.



WEBSTER in wood olive | £197 This large frame has a three pin decor on the front and sides, which was popular in America in the 50s and 60s and worn by many musicians of that period. It has a solid look, a deep shape, and has a large keyhole bridge suitable for large faces.



WOODY in light tan | £177 A favourite of Fitzrovia creatives. If any frame design ruled the optical world then Woody is king. It has influenced frame design around the globe. This design is the shape which is most geometrically suitable for the structure of the face.



BUDDY in medium tortoiseshell | £177 This 1950s classic shape has a keyhole bridge that is suitable for average and larger faces that need wider bridge fittings. The wider bridge allows the top rims to position themselves along or below the brow line which can shorten a longer face as well as fitting snugly into the face architecture.